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Uncategorized 0 comments on Why Choose WordPress for Your Next Website?

Why Choose WordPress for Your Next Website?

If you are starting a business and considering where to go and which tools to use when it comes to building your website, then WordPress comes highly recommended. If you have done any research so far, you might have noticed that WordPress is one of the most mentioned solutions. Considering that WordPress powers around 40% of websites that are online today, this might not come as a surprise. Right now, WordPress is behind over four hundred million web pages on the internet, and it’s growing rapidly Read more [...]
Tips 0 comments on Sooner Partners Reviews Show People Facing Tax Time Stress-Free

Sooner Partners Reviews Show People Facing Tax Time Stress-Free

With the coronavirus still raging and the holidays right around the corner, you might not be thinking about your taxes. But tax time starts in just a few weeks, and although you’ll have until April 15, 2021, to prepare your taxes, the time to save money for your bill is now. This year brought a lot of different tax situations, from extended unemployment and PPP loans to EIDL grants and stimulus checks, so your tax bill will probably look different from other years. The first thing you have Read more [...]
Uncategorized 0 comments on How Can An SEO Company Take Your Business to the Next Level

How Can An SEO Company Take Your Business to the Next Level

Making an online presence for a business can seem daunting. This is especially true when you want to have your business viewed among the top of a search result and preferably the first page. Having a listing on the first page is what will get you noticed by over 75% of customers who are searching for what you offer. Not only are they looking for what you offer, but they need them in a hurry. So you can expect that every page that has relevant information to not even be bothered with viewing. Knowing Read more [...]
Tech 0 comments on Magento Bugs Enable Credit Card Skimming

Magento Bugs Enable Credit Card Skimming

Customer data is extremely valuable to cybercriminals. This is even more true of credit card information, which can be easily used and abused in a number of different ways. For this reason, attacks using credit card skimming malware have become extremely popular in recent years. This malware steals customer card data from payment pages and sends it to an attacker, enabling them to use it in credit card fraud. A recent set of vulnerabilities in the Magento eCommerce platform make sites using Read more [...]
Websites 0 comments on Cloud-hosting: Reasons why you need it For Your Business

Cloud-hosting: Reasons why you need it For Your Business

First of all, what is cloud hosting? Well, to simply put it, it’s computing based on the internet. Before, people would run programs or applications from software downloaded on a physical computer or a server in the building, now with cloud computing, it allows people access to the same kinds of applications or programs via the internet. It eliminates the need for physical server. Securing files, data and other important documents is a must for any business. You run a business based on Read more [...]
Software 0 comments on 6 Web Development Tips for Junior Devs

6 Web Development Tips for Junior Devs

Starting your career as a web developer can be both exciting and frightening. At this point, you have acquired all sorts of skills that you can’t wait to put into use. At the same time, you’re entering the field as the “new guy,” and you have to prove yourself. It’s easy to make mistakes in those early days as a junior dev, and while it’s all part of the learning process, it’s important to do your best and deliver the quality that your employer or client expects.

Check out these Read more [...]