Social media is often labeled as the holy grail for marketers, isn’t’ it?

The reality? Many marketers sink so much time into their social accounts without any sort of goal in mind or ROI in mind.

A meaningful social marketing strategy doesn’t come from posting every now and then or simply tweeting out a blog post once a week. In short, a strategy that produces results in the form of influence and leads comes from publishing the right types of content and making efficient use of your time.

If you’ve been struggling with your social presence, consider the following three steps to fine-tuning your strategy to see more returns for time spent.

Take the Leap into Video

If there’s any trend to follow in terms of social content, it’s video.

Blowing written content out of the water in terms of shares and engagement, video is likewise an overlooked way to keeping people glued to your social posts. As such, marketers need to consider the creative ways they can get involved with video ASAP. Some effective, proven options include…

  • Explainer videos – Great for teaching your audience without boring them to tears, making your own whiteboard videos is an awesome alternative to another boring blog post
  • How-to videos – narrating or filming a how-to tutorial signals your authority and also is an entertaining alternative to a long-form list
  • Vlogs – informal vlogs are incredibly popular on Facebook Live right now and don’t require anything other than your camera phone to get started with

Leverage Your LinkedIn Presence

LinkedIn continues to boom for professionals, but many marketers aren’t using the platform to its fullest potential. A place to both build influence and get in touch with potential leads, some smart ways to leverage LinkedIn include…

  • Republishing your content – LinkedIn’s native platform is great for getting more mileage out of your blog posts and can likewise funnel traffic to your blog, too
  • Get seen be influencers – you can easily follow industry players and comment directly on their content, doing so regularly can score you some much-needed attention
  • Grow your network – a well-optimized profile can put you in touch with likeminded industry professionals who could open up new doors for you

If nothing else, LinkedIn is a great place to build a sense of brand advocacy on social media as followers begin to see you and your company as an influential thought leader.

Figuring Out Facebook and Twitter

Don’t freak out over Facebook’s algorithm changes just yet.

While the platform may be changing, it doesn’t mean that you can’t still use it to promote helpful content to your audience.

That said, getting seen organically is going to be an issue in the coming months. To get around this, you should become more active in industry Facebook groups as means of showing off your know-how.

Additionally, you might want to consider running a test ad to see if paid marketing might be a better use of your time. Given the noted High ROI of Facebook ads, they may be able to provide more “bang for your buck” if your budget allows.

Any combination of these strategies can produce actual reactions and results for all of your valuable time spent on social media. It all starts with knowing your goals and paying attention to the platforms that’ll produce a legitimate ROI for your brand.


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