Ever since it’s inception, the internet has been on a constant and rapid rise of transformation. This means that even the most cutting edge websites of the early 00’s would look incredibly out of date in 2014 (Looking at you, Myspace). Like the iPhone, the general concept each year stays roughly the same but over time the original iPhone and early websites begin to look completely out of date.


For many young businesses, platforms such as Shopify and Squarespace offer a quick and easy setup process to help you create your own modern website using a theme. However, for any business serious about competing online in the long term: A website designed to fit in with the goals and industry of the business are almost always the best option. Sites such as Visor Media are often tasked with creating bespoke websites for their clients.


For many people, sites such as Shopify and Squarespace offer excellent modern yet basic themes to run their businesses through. However, for an established business, a bespoke website is almost always the best option – . A custom built site although expensive, best equips the company to adapt and grow over time.


As the year comes to an end, it’s a good time to take into consideration where the web is heading into 2015 and how to best stay ahead of the crowd with your own website.


Mobile Optimisation


Mobile, mobile, mobile. Any online business worth it’s salt has a responsive mobile website by now. For some businesses more than half of their users are visiting their websites through a handheld device rather than through a laptop. Simple navigation, long scrolling sites, fast hosting and quick search are all ideas to help your site become easier to use on mobile.


Videos Over Text


There’s a reason that the media companies of the digital age are scrambling to become established in video. Buzzfeed and Vice magazine both realise the power of video with their users much more likely to watch a video than read their articles making it a lot more profitable to advertise on. In the same way, many websites are replacing large chunks of text (I.e. About us/Introductions) with video in order to appeal to their readers.


Brief Content


In the age of mobile, 4g and Twitter the average person is taking in a lot more information than 5-10 years ago. This has led to a demand for simple, easily digestible ways of reading the news. Why read through a 600-700 word piece only to find the information you were looking for wasn’t there? Apps such as Summly and sites such as Qz.com give their users a brief summary of the news stories with the option to read more if they’d like.


Basic Colours

It’s been known to sites such as Facebook, Google, Buzzfeed and The Next Web for a long time now that simple colour schemes are the best way to design a website. However, for some reason, many e-commerce sites particularly still use an incredible range of colours which overwhelm the user and detract from the products. The best websites today use very little colour with clear spaces. Often, a little colour is added to highlight important and useful information such as delivery costs/prices or article headlines.

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