Starting a new business is an exciting time, but there is a lot to think about and marketing may not be top of your list. The problem is that if you don’t market your business, you may not have enough customers. And without customers, the business is not exactly going to thrive.

It takes time and effort to build up a customer base, so marketing is not something you can afford to ignore. But if you have no money in the back, you are going to have to get a bit creative with your marketing strategies. Hiring a professional marketing firm such as Berbay is fine if you are looking at marketing for attorneys with a big budget, but if your start-up is a kitchen sink operation, this approach is unlikely to work for you. But don’t worry because here are seven easy tips to get you started.

Content Marketing

It doesn’t take too much effort to write a weekly blog for your website, but any time you do spend on content marketing is time well spent. Guest posts and blogs are a great way of link building and establishing yourself as an authority figure in your niche. So start writing!

Social Networking

Social networking is one of the easiest ways to generate an online buzz, but it can be time consuming. To begin with, choose just one social network to target. Facebook and Twitter are always a good choice, but if you are targeting a younger demographic, look at sites such as Tumblr and YouTube.

Customer Referrals

Ask your customers to tell their friends and family about your products and services. Offer discounts or freebies in return for a qualified referral as this will encourage people to spread the word. And don’t forget to ask happy customers to post good reviews online.

Sponsor a Local Event

Local events are a great way to drum up new business in the community. If there is a small fund-raising event being held locally, step forward with a prize or agree to sponsor it. People will look favorably on your business and be more likely to buy from you in the future.

Create Marketing Videos

Marketing videos are a good way of generating interest and it doesn’t take much effort to create a short video promoting your business or products. Anyone with a camera phone can make a short “how to” video or “about us”. The funnier the better, so don’t be afraid of making an idiot of yourself – people are more likely to share it if you do.

Run Online Contests

Offer prizes in return for Facebook shares or similar. You don’t have to give away expensive stuff – t-shirts or other merchandise will do the trick in the early days.

Network, Network, Network

Never underestimate the power of networking. Always keep a few business cards in your pocket so you can hand them out at any suitable opportunity. And don’t forget to attend marketing events as often as possible.

For best results, create a marketing strategy from day one and stick to it. The more effort you put in, the better the results will be.

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