First of all, what is cloud hosting? Well, to simply put it, it’s computing based on the internet. Before, people would run programs or applications from software downloaded on a physical computer or a server in the building, now with cloud computing, it allows people access to the same kinds of applications or programs via the internet. It eliminates the need for physical server.

Securing files, data and other important documents is a must for any business. You run a business based on data thus it is very important to protect it at all cost. Losing data is a big headache no business owner wants to experience. It is highly recommendable to consider cloud storage. In this article, we will discuss top reasons why every business should consider hosting cloud.

Here are some reasons why you need it for your business:

  1.  Accessibility – do you ever experience the agony of accessing your files from your work computer while you are on vacation? The worst part is when you need a specific file that is only stored locally in your computer. With cloud storage, you no longer need to carry around hard drive or send big files through email so you can access while you are away from office. With your files stored in cloud, you can access it any time using any device just as long as you are connected to the internet. With this, you can do your work even when you are out of the office.
  2. Improved and greater productivity – since you do not need to be in front of work computer to access files, you can do your work anytime and anywhere. You can be editing documents while stuck in traffic or while on vacation.
  3. Cost efficient – cloud storage eliminates the costs of using external hard drives and other storage devices. There is also no need to hire many people that will monitor your servers since your files are stored in a secured storage system maintained by third party. These third party services usually have different packages depending on your business needs.
  4. Easy and better collaboration – you do not need to send back and forth emails with big attachments, instead, you can just send the link to where your files are stored and then members of the team can access, edit and save changes. It saves everyone time and increase everyone’s productivity.
  5. Security and recovery – with good storage solutions, data is encrypted in flight and at rest that unauthorised users are unable to access the files. Also, you are sure that your data are secured against natural calamities or human error like someone accidentally wiping out your drive.
  6. Automatic updates – service providers manage all associated maintenance security tasks on their end making sure that you always have the latest version of software.

All these things you can get from using cloud hosting storage. It is indeed something that will make your work a lot easier.

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