By now, you don’t need us to tell you about the joys of setting up your own web hosting reseller company.

Offering a wealth of opportunities to increase your income with a simple-yet-effective business model and most of the technical work carried out for you, reseller plans make it easy for anyone to start their own business with little more than a small amount of capital and a decent knowledge of web hosting.

You already know all that, but what you may not know, is where to turn to find the best reseller hosting plans on the web.

To start with, we looked at popular hosting companies, Hostgator and GoDaddy to see if the kind of services that has made them brand leaders in their industry is reflected in their reseller plans.


Offering 20% off their usual prices at time of writing, HostGator are working hard to position themselves as the first choice for reseller hosting, and though they may have a way to go, they’re certainly getting off on the right foot. Known for being one of the best web hosting providers and also one of the more established companies.

Their Aluminium starter package comes in at just $19.96 for the first month, moving up to $24.95 thereafter. For that, you get 50GB of disk space and 500GB bandwidth.

Need much more than that? The Diamond plan offers 200GB of storage space and a cool 1400GB bandwidth for just $99.95 per month ($79.95 for the first month).

In between, you’ll find several different options that range in price from $35 to just under $60, with increasing space and bandwidth allocations for each.

The good news here, is that no matter which plan you choose, all of the additional extras, such as client management and billing software, site building tools and branded tutorials all come as standard. The increase in price is only to cover bigger allocations.


After moving beyond their beginnings as a domain registrar, GoDaddy have gone on to provide hosting solutions to countless websites, so they must be doing something right.

To provide your customers with the same kind of security, reliability and hosting infrastructure, you’ll be looking at paying out a minimum of $8.99 per month for a 12 month period on their most basic plan, going up to only $16.99 for their popular ‘Super Seller’ plan.

As a middle ground, you’ll find their Pro plan at $14.99 per month, again on a 12 month contract.

Whilst we can’t fault GoDaddy as a regular hosting provider, their reseller plans do seem somewhat limited, and the advertising we saw was a lot more focussed a lot less on the fundamentals and a lot more on how many free ebooks and advertising credits come with your packages.

Don’t get us wrong, those things are helpful, but on the whole, it seems GoDaddy aren’t quite as passionate about their reseller plans as Hostgator.

If you’re just dipping your toe in the water and experimenting with reseller hosting, their cheap plans may be ideal, but if you’re serious, you might want to look at a more robust option.

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