Creating content that is both appealing and interesting to the user can be difficult, especially when you’re planning on using it for your latest native advertising campaign.

Here are some great tips – providing a guide only and subject to change depending on specific briefs from clients and campaign objectives – but, it’s important to remember that editors should always use their own discretion and technique when writing great content.

  1. Think like a user and not a brand

Remember, you want content that users are going to want to talk about and share via their own personal social media channels; so get out of your brand head. Yes, native content is branded content, but that doesn’t have to mean your target audience can’t enjoy what they’re reading. It also doesn’t mean that the content you’re writing should read like an advert; give your users something they can enjoy.

  1. Be emotive in your language

Words are really important, so pick them carefully. Use short, snappy sentences that keep your readers interested. When using emotive language, you should be careful to steer clear from click-bait territory; that’s not cool anymore.

  1. Reinforce your message

Remember to always reinforce your key message by including it in the very first sentence of your ad copy.

  1. You can go into detail

Remember, there are no rules in place regarding how long or short your native ad content can be, so stop panicking. The length of your content will largely depend on the type of product or service you are trying to promote.

If you are aiming to get a high click through rate (CTR) then less is more. However, if you aren’t worried about the number of clicks you’re getting and are simply pumping out sponsored content to raise brand awareness and engagement; don’t be afraid to give plenty of detail.

  1. Disclosure is everything

Don’t assume your readers are stupid. Disclosure is vital when it comes to native advertising and therefore, brands should be happy to label their ads as sponsored, branded content. For content creators; this means treating your readers like real human beings and not just consumers.

  1. Tell a story

Speak to your users and their emotions by telling a story and relating to real life issues and goals. While this is easier with some brands more than others, all brands provide a service that appeal to users on some personal, emotional or social level – so use it to your advantage.

  1. Be creative and take a risk

As a writer, it is your job to come up with creative strategies that you believe will work well for a specific brand. So, don’t be scared about putting your ideas forward; for native content to work, you need to be creative.

  1. Be fun

Don’t be boring. Ensure your content is fun, conversational and something people actually want to read.

Fun, exciting and liberating content is central to any native advertising campaign so it’s important to get it right, each and every time.

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