One fine day if you came to know that there is an identity thief who has the power of reading your cards, passport or drivers license even without swiping over them or giving a glance at them, wouldn’t you do anything to guard yourself against them? Bet you would! We’re unfortunate enough that RFID or Radio Frequency Identification Technology can be leveraged to charge such sensitive and personal data in most of the portable identifiers like cards without you being informed about it. It is indeed an intimidating notion to think of and if you want to protect yourself against such identity theft, read on the concerns of this article.

Using an RFID-Blocking wallet – Why should you use them?

Majority of the debit cards and credit cards that were issued in the past 10 years support RFID technology as they’re inbuilt into them. The US passports that were published in 2006 and after that have RFID chips. This technology can scan your photo and data. RFID chips are a very simple way of reading and storing data, without the requirement of swiping the card through the reading machine. You just have to wave a card before the scanner of the RFID without even having to take the card out.

However, the pitfall of this amazing technology is that anyone can create a fake reader and note down your RFID details without your prior permission. Fake card readers were already there before RFID came into existence but you have to actually swipe your credit or debit card within their slot. Fake RFID readers can even crack data and also delete it within very less time.

How to stay safe against RFID?

After knowing how dangerous RFID can be, you must be wondering about how you can protect your wallet against such RFID technology. RFID-blocking wallets, sleeves, pouches can be used to stay safe. A credible RFID blocker will leverage a thing known as “Faraday Cage”. The particularities that you should watch out for is “electromagnetically opaque”. Such blockers will forbid illegal perusing of your RFID embedded information. However you have to remember that all RFID wallets are not made in an equal manner; while some are effective, some others are not so effective. Another thing to note is that the most apt RFID-blocking wallets can stop operating during an emergency due to user error or due to wear and tear.

Which is the most reasonable RFID blocking wallet?

As an eminent person wrote in his post, Altoids are as useful as a Faraday Cage. For all those who are searching for a credible wallet that can help you protect against identity theft, you should know how to balance between effectiveness & price. You will find a number of inexpensive wallets which claim that they can block RFID but they actually don’t. Think twice before settling down with the cheapest RFID-blocking wallet.

So, we should be thankful to the advancements of technology that we can still protect our sensitive and private information through such wallets. Just make sure you buy it from an authentic dealer.

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