For your massage therapy business to maximize on profits, it will need to pull in more clienteles who will in turn trade in the services offered for money. Attracting the customers seems to be the main aim for attaining such objectives; hence, proper and valid ways need to be invented and applied to do just that.

With your advertising site, you will need to design strategies unto which you can direct inbound traffic to your body rub business page to increase the number of potential clients visiting your advert. Traffic helps improve your rank which attracts even more traffic. For you to reach traffic satisfaction, you need to ensure that the increase in traffic is directly proportional to the rise in engagement too.

There are various ways to drive traffic to your ad page or website, and they require channels to do so. These channels may include:

  • Social Media
  • Blogging
  • Off/ On-page SEO
  • Email
  • Directory listings


Ways of increasing traffic

  1. Posting on social media

Considered among the top free marketing tools in the world, you can use the online networking platforms to inform socialists or your audience about your massage therapy business and provide links which will direct them to the site of the ad.

Use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn to promote the essential pages of your website and in turn convert social media audience into your ad traffic.

  1. Consider email marketing

Another effective method is sending out regular newsletters and promotional incentives or offers through email. This tactic helps your body rub business keep in touch with its clients by providing helpful info and links to your advert site and thus attracting traffic to your website.

Avoid nagging your clients with endless emails as this may force your customers to disconnect themselves from indulging with your business or ignore them by merely unsubscribing from the emails.

  1. Implement better Service Engine Optimization

Find the refinement on SEO to ensure that you are indulging your body rub business in the appropriate type of traffic delivery plans.

This is to avoid going against the set standard rules and with a good grasp of SEO, you can increase your result speed.

  1. Update your content regularly

Search for ways in which you can update the content on your site of advertising to kill the monotony of reading the same thing over and over again. This action will arouse regular interest in potential clients as they will be intrigued to find something new. In the end, traffic to your ad page will increase.

  1. Engage with your clients online

It is recommendable to be active in online groups or websites concerning your massage therapy business as it helps you obtain more traffic as you comment on various blogs, answer questions and actively participate in conversations involving your business.

As you increase your engagement, you also tend to increase the exposure of your advert, and this attracts potential clients to your site.

  1. Access your competition

Find out what your fellow competitors are offering their clients when attracting traffic and implement those same ways or better yet, design superior strategies to attract more inbound traffic to your massage therapy business site.

  1. Attend conferences or business meeting

This is one of the most effective and efficient ways of trying to increase traffic to your ad site as it allows you to physically engage with your audience and thus making it easier to try and convince them on why they should visit your website to know more.



There are many ways in which you can increase the flow of traffic to your advertisement page, and the sooner you get a good grasp of them, the better you watch your potential numbers increase.

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