Is SEO dead? This is avery commonquestion in the world of online marketing. If you are a business entrepreneur targeting the global market to expand the business, this isanintegral thingand you should pay a lot of attention. It is a well-known fact that the scenario of SEO is changing at a rapid pace.

For example, Google now hasa very strict approach. The poor link-building techniques, bad content and complicated designs are some of the crucial factors which may resultinwebsite penalisation. So what worked for your online business a few years ago may not work now, and you should be aware that it can hurt your business very badly.

These days, a successful SEO strategy includes a lot of different components i.e. brand building, mobile optimisation, content marketing and one of the most essential aspects which you simply can’t ignore is social media. Now is thetime to implement such a strategy so that you can accomplish all your business goals easily.

Have a look at the top SEO trends in the last five years which have completely changed the fate of online businesses:-

  • The Top 3 Pillars Of SEO

A successful SEO strategy has three essential components:one is links, the other is engaging content and third one is social media which should be used in the right way. What’s more important for a SEO strategy is the connection or inter-relationship between all these elements.

When it comes to the content, it should be always written in a way which addresses the needs of the audience and should arouse interest among the readers.Social media can maximiseyour reach. Backlinksfrom top quality sites ensure that you are a reliable and trustworthy site. However, the circle should always start with writing crispy and interesting content for your readers.

  • The Rise Of Content Marketing

In 2013, content marketing was the buzz word. The good thing is that it is going to stay for a long time. Brands need to be a little conscious when they are telling the story to the audience and come up with content which sounds real, appealing and entertaining.

The concept of content marketing is now growing, and as a result marketers have now started demanding more ROI. It has also helped to target content easily, measure its performance and implement the beststrategy which can help you improve results.

Mobile Optimisation Is Now A Must

Have you heard of the Hummingbird update? Of course, you must have heard if you have an online business. These days, it has become quite difficult for websites to rank high if they don’t have a mobile strategy. It means both the responsive and mobile content has become a must if you want to stay ahead of competitors.

As you are now developing the best SEO strategy for your business, remember that there are two basic factors which you should keep in mind; one is integration and the other is balance. Keep all these great tips in mind to rank high in the search engines.

Good luck!

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