When you’re trying to find employment in a particular industry, or even a specific company, having any kind of relevant experience is only going to aid your application. Employers these days don’t just look at the number of qualifications on your CV, they also look at the amount of industry-specific experience you have so that you can come into the firm and hit the ground running.


While this might sound daunting to some people, work experience doesn’t necessarily have to mean finding somebody to take you on for a couple of weeks worth of unpaid employment. It can be as simple, in the technology industry specifically, as creating and working on your own blog or running your own social media accounts.


These are both assets that www.lucas-blake.com – who are a recruitment agency for those looking for jobs in IT sales – would look for when putting candidates forward for roles because they are both relevant to the industry and they show initiative and experience.


By having your own blog you are able to show your abilities when it comes to a combination of content creation, web design, web development and even coding to an extent as some platforms require the user to implement any technical changes themselves. They are the ideal opportunity for you to learn as you go, seeing what works and how and developing the blog from nothing into a fully functional website with an increasing number of unique views each month.


Being able to fully use a website, from the article creation stages to the changing of backgrounds and implementation of various analytics codes you are able to show how your skills could be used in more than one area of the business and you therefore have much greater appeal than someone who is able to write content but may not know how to put it on the web for example.


By incorporating social media into the equation you are able to show that you can interact digitally and you would be able to make connections with people in the industry either through Tweeting your admiration for a post they’ve written or by using your social media prowess to analyse the audience of a particular brand so that you can create content tailored for them to try and persuade them to employ your company’s services.

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